Dear bloggers,

Thanks so much for all kinds of invitations! I am SO encouraged by your appreciation and words.

From now on, may I be excused for a while til the mid of May? 🙂

Yes, I’ll be an “Easter-bunny-bride!” And I feel VERY excited and a bit nervous too!!

Here shows my pre-wedding picture taken by my cell phone:

And this is my fiance! 🙂 We like this picture a lot and we use it as our wedding invitation card.

Just wanna give BIG thanks to our wonderful wedding photographer, Chung Li (my higher school friend as well, now residing in San Francisco).

See you all again after my honeymoon! Will post you more pictures sooner or later!

Have a HapPy EasTer! 🙂




While it’s only 5-8c in HK today, how about at Toronto’s Niagara Falls?

It was like this (-6c in the mid of DEC, driving on the way…):

Like this–a pretty rainbow with icicies :

And Like THIS–a “snoWoman”!

Dear bloggers,

I feel very impressed and humbled to receive many many many invitations these 2 months…

If just in case I haven’t got a chance to write you back at once,

I might overlook your emails (I did it couple times…sorry!), please write me again.

I’ll try my best to work out the schedule with you.

Writing me an email is the easiest and fastest way to reach me, instead of calling my office.

And to make it more efficient, please browse my “Schedule” first, and see if your proposed dates are available.

Can’t wait to see you all in the near future! 🙂




Behind the scene…

Hello bloggers,

I’ve been silent for more than 1/2 year for a special reason.

It was that during the lunar new year,

my dad has suffered a serious stroke, leaving him paralyzed on his left side since then.

My family was very shocked and we’ve learning on how to take good and intensive care of him.

I’ve come to know what my true and top priorities should be.

Serving my beloved family is always the 1st one.

Serving my dad is not easy at all; that requires extra exTRA EXTRRRRAAA love, patience, and endurance.

I’ve realized that I don’t know how to love him, but God does!

I am truly thankful that he is Christian now and my whole family has finally become a Christian family.

What a BIG miracle that God has given us!!

The picture below shows one of the visits of my dad @ a hospital in April.

In terms of school work/community serving duties, though I don’t think that I haven’t done much during the 1st half-year,

I know that it’s indeed a blessing and honor to serve my dad.

I do treasure the time being with him…no matter how tough it would be.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Thanks to Robert Schuller’s book.

God bless my dad and family!

p.s. He is now in a more stable condition, no worries. I truly appreciate it if you could say a little prayer for him. 🙂


原來在彈奏前chit-chat 一下有助舒緩十級超緊張的情緒…

看到我專注(其實還有五級剩餘的緊張…) 的樣子嗎?

In “finale,”  展現輕鬆的笑容 …hehehe





預祝新年怏樂 🙂


她可能太興奮,所以狗媽媽 Peggy 未能capture 到清晰的picture


p.s. I haven’t got a chance to keep you all updated for more than 3 months…shall post more during Lunar New Year holiday.