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原來在彈奏前chit-chat 一下有助舒緩十級超緊張的情緒…

看到我專注(其實還有五級剩餘的緊張…) 的樣子嗎?

In “finale,”  展現輕鬆的笑容 …hehehe


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It was truly a great pleasure to work with HKWE, what a wonderful ensemble…the members are young and energetic!


Preparing my 15-minute section was definitely a challenging task! Here are the pieces I played with the band:

Libertango by Piazzola

I Got Rhythm by Gershwin

Amazing Grace

I’ve to revise the scores a bit to better fit my fingerings, here are some 戰績…do you see those little crosses? I erased some of the notes which I hardly reach…


I started practicing piano 3-5 hours a day during the beginning of SEP, when my university semester begins as well. It was pretty tough to manage couple things at a time: playing piano, teaching, rehearsing with different parties and giving speeches at schools…

Here I’d to say BIG thanks to a piano master Dr. Mary Wu (also my former piano teacher) for her caring and enduring support! And she gave me a last-minute piano lesson as well. 🙂

Another enthusiastic piano performer, Ms. Nancy Loo gave me and Peco a 4-hour piano master class for our piano duet, Mozart’s Symphony No. 40, I was completely overwhelmed…another BIG thanks to her!

Peco and Nancy

Another snapshots…


Me and Peco playing Mozart’s:

playing duet

And of course, thanks very much to all of you for coming and supporting us, it means a lot to me/us. 🙂

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下午要麻煩救護車送進醫院去 (上一次住院己是我童年造手術的時候…)




當中才發現自己已被密密麻麻的 schedules 追趕着 (要是計算到 08 年底,有超過 50 場講座…)






There is a time for everything

and a season for every activity under heaven  


Doing the right thing at the right time is a life-long lesson…




雖然我也曾寫過一本「字典」的東西 (其實是博士論文…)





If you have any ideas and thoughts, you’re more than welcome to drop me a note 🙂 


p.s. 任務完成殘奧馬術開幕禮


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How exciting it is to take piano lessons again from Dr. Mary Wu! She was my piano teacher when I was an undergraduate music student at CUHK. Like most of piano students, I was nervous and practiced hard right before the lesson.

It went quite well on Tuesday, not as bad as I thought of. I’ve come to realize that I am no longer stressed out playing in front of her. I am encouraged to ask her things that I didn’t know what to ask/do in the past:

  1. I propose some pieces that I like, and ask her to demonstrate them to me
  2. We discuss the possible fingerings and fix the chord progressions/inversions together
  3. I propose her a different interpretation of a song and ask her for advice
  4. I play a contemporary style of a hymn with my version and see what she thinks.

Two-way study is always efficient and rewarding! If you’re a piano learner, I encourage you to try out the following things:

  1. dare to ask
  2. dare to propose the songs you like to your teacher, even pop songs
  3. listen to different versions of a piece, that would give you surprise.

Dr. Wu proposes me a Spanish dance piano piece called “Asturias” written by Issac Albeniz. I go back to my CD collections and I’ve figured out that it is also presented by a classical guitarist. This gives me a better understanding of playing this kind of ethnic music. Let’s see if I get to chance to play in the near future. 🙂

 We did filming on TVB’s “Sunday Report” in AUG 07

p.s. She is going to have a piano recital in JUL 13 at City Hall. Please check it out!

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